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I am currently moving my lab. New workshops can be organised from about August or September 2024.


Advanced Darkroom Workshop - Working with fiber paper

Introduction to work with classic Fiber Paper (Baryt)


This workshop is for all who have successfully mastered to make prints on RC (resin-coated) papers and like to move on to more advanced handling of classic silverrich fiber papers (baryt).


Course Contents:

  • Market overview of different fiber papers
  • Introduction to theroretical and practical basics of printing on classic fiber papers
  • Archival processing and washing
  • Drying and flattening fiber papers
  • Retouching techniques


duration: about. 8 hours (in 1 day), dates upon individual request


Level: advanced


Participants: 1-2

You can register as a single participant, or in a group of maximum 2 people and share the course price among yourselves.




399,00 €

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