I offer handmade darkrrom prints on black and white silver gelatin papers from the following negative formats:

  • 135/35mm
  • 120/220 Medium Format  (6x4,5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x8cm, 6x9cm, 6x12cm)
  • Large Format Films (6,5x9cm, 9x12cm, 4x5inch)



I am also offering handmade analogue prints from digital pictures:

In a first step the digital data will be recorded on analogue medium fomat film, then it can be processed in my analogue darkroom just as if you had shot the picture on film in the first place.

In the end you will receive a genuine handprint on classic analogue silver gelatin paper and a medium format negative which can be used for future prints and archival purposes.



All my labservices can be found on my onlinshop website Edition Argentum: