C41 Colour Negative Development Service


As I am specialized in black and white and individual lab services, I  develop C41 colour films in cooperation with a lab partner in Berlin.

Thus I can offer you high quality C41 development servies at a reasonable price.

C41 Colour Development 35mm + 120

Development of type C41 Colour Negative Film.


No Film developments and scan services offered at the moment.


6,50 €

  • 0,02 kg

Maximum Scanning Resolutions (depending on negative format)



Scan M:

35mm:    2100 x 3150px

6x45:      3000 x 4000px

6x6:        3000 x 3000px

6x7:        3000 x 3500px

file type: jpg


Scan L:

35mm:   3500 x 5250px

6x45:     3500 x 4667px

6x6:       3500 x 3500px

6x7:       3500 x 4083px

file type: TIFF


Scans are corrected in tonality and brightness and are slightly sharpened.

Please not: You might need to remove some dust manually, because the automatic dust removal software does not work with black and white films.




Data Transfer

You will receive your image files as download link via We-Transfer.



General Notice for development services:

Your pictures and negatives will ne handled with great care as if they were my own. In case of  damages on the material under my care, the material will be replaced by unexposed new one. Further claims are excluded.